Licensed Insolvency Trustee


Corporate Bankruptcy

Corporate Bankrupcy

Our corporate solvency and reorganization practice specializes in assisting companies and financial institutions in solving difficult problems in an environment of continually changing laws.

Our experience spans the spectrum of corporate business from forestry to fishing; automotive to aerospace with a particular emphasis on manufacturing.

At S. Funtig & Associates Inc., we draw on the expertise of various individuals and professionals knowledgeable in particular industries.

As an independent financial advisory services firm, we are not burdened with conflict checks to determine whether we are the auditors or advisors to particular companies. S. Funtig & Associates Inc. does not perform audit or accounting functions and therefore does not run into independence problems.


Q.  Is Funtig & Associates limited to work in the Windsor and Essex County area?

A.  No our firm has performed work across Canada and the United States.