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Credit Counsellor

The Credit Counsellor Windsor & Chatham Trust

If you are facing issues involving personal finances – if bill collectors are aggressively trying to collect money and you don’t know where to turn – you may choose to claim bankruptcy. If you do, rely on the credit counsellor Windsor and Chatham trust: S. Funtig and Associates Inc.

By Canadian law, 2 sessions of credit counselling are required within 210 days for those filing bankruptcy to be eligible for an automatic 9-month discharge, but you may select who will administer that counselling. Our professional credit counsellors will respectfully guide you through this mandatory procedure, giving you the tools and new habits you need to avoid financial trouble in the future.

We can walk you through the process of forming good financial habits and getting back on your feet in the shortest amount of time possible. Our professionals will help you learn effective budgeting so that you can maintain your financial solvency long after your bankruptcy is discharged. We’ll show you how to make sure that you only have to go through the stress of bankruptcy once.

Credit Counsellor with Windsor & Chatham Offices

With a credit counsellor in Windsor and Chatham, you’re never far from an S. Funtig and Associates office. This is important, since your first credit counselling session must occur between 10 and 60 days after your bankruptcy filing, and the second session must take place within 210 days of the filing. Our 2 convenient locations ensure that getting to our offices will be as expedient as possible for you.

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If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, be sure to contact your nearest S. Funtig and Associates office today for assistance. We can guide you competently through the process, making sure you meet all deadlines and are compliant with Canadian bankruptcy law in every way. Furthermore, our professional credit counsellors will help you ensure that your financial issues are short-lived and that your money management skills negate the possibility of future problems.