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Business Turnaround

Many companies face situations where success or failure are only a moment or decision away.  Many times key operational or cash flow issues must be resolved and management does not have all the necessary specialized resources.  At S. Funtig & Associates Inc. our turnaround, insolvency and financing specialists can help organize the issues, identify the options and present a plan to return a business to a sound financial and operating position.  In some cases the option may be an insolvency and management must know the consequences. Our services may include debt consolidation for Windsor and Chatham businesses.

Our focus is on ensuring our clients understand the issues, options, and ramifications of the decisions that need to be taken.  Given the numerous interests in a company’s survival, we strive to find innovative solutions to resolving problems with all interests in mind.

We can assist in the subtle sale of a company to acting as Chief Restructuring Officer to Court Appointed Receiver and Manager.  Our staff have acted in a variety of instances on behalf of companies, creditors and chartered banks.


Services Included:

• Pre-lending and Refinancing Reviews
• Corporate Recovery
• Turnarounds
• Reorganization and Debt Restructuring
• Receiverships
• Licensed Insolvency Trustee
• Debt Consolidation in Windsor & Chatham

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