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Many companies face situations where success or failure are only a moment or decision away.  Many times key operational or cash flow issues must be resolved and management does not have all the necessary specialized resources.  At S.Funtig & Associates, our turnaround, insolvency and financing specialists can help organize the issues, identify the options and present a plan to return a business to a sound financial and operating position.  In some cases the option may be an insolvency and management must know the consequences. Our services may include debt consolidation for Windsor and Chatham businesses.

Our focus is on ensuring our clients understand the issues, options, and ramifications of the decisions that need to be taken.  Given the numerous interests in a company’s survival, we strive to find innovative solutions to resolving problems with all interests in mind.

We can assist from the subtle sale of a company to acting as Chief Restructuring Officer to Court Appointed Receiver and Manager.  Our staff have acted in a variety of instances on behalf of companies, creditors and chartered banks.

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Services Included

Pre-lending and Refinancing Reviews

Our team conducts thorough reviews and assessments to help businesses prepare for lending or refinancing opportunities. We analyze financial statements, identify potential risks, and provide recommendations to improve creditworthiness and increase the likelihood of securing favorable financing terms.

Corporate Recovery

In cases where businesses are facing financial distress, our corporate recovery services come into play. We work closely with companies to develop strategic plans, implement cost-cutting measures, negotiate with creditors, and explore restructuring options to stabilize the business and achieve long-term viability.


Our experienced professionals assist businesses in executing effective turnaround strategies. We conduct in-depth analyses of operations, financials, and market conditions to identify areas for improvement. Through restructuring, refinancing, and implementing operational changes, we help businesses regain profitability and sustainable growth.

Reorganization and Debt Reconstruction

In situations where business restructuring is necessary, we provide guidance on reorganization plans and debt reconstruction strategies. We work closely with stakeholders to negotiate debt repayment terms, reduce liabilities, and optimize the overall financial structure of the business.


When appointed as a receiver, we act as an independent party to manage and protect the assets of a business. Our team ensures a fair distribution of proceeds to creditors, explores potential sale opportunities, and assists in the orderly wind-down of operations if necessary.

Licensed Insolvency Trustee

As licensed insolvency trustees, we offer expertise in dealing with formal insolvency proceedings. We guide businesses through processes such as bankruptcy, consumer proposals, and Division I proposals. Our goal is to help companies navigate these complex processes, minimize the impact on stakeholders, and pave the way for a fresh financial start.

Debt Consolidation in Windsor and Chatham

For businesses burdened by multiple debts, our debt consolidation services provide relief by combining outstanding debts into a single manageable payment. We negotiate with creditors to reduce interest rates and develop repayment plans that align with the business’s cash flow capabilities.

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